Dehydrated Vegetables

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Dehydrated Tomato

Use: Pizza topping, sauteed veggies for extra flavor, baked goods, green salads, and various food pest preparations.

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Dehydrated Carrot

Use: including casseroles, loafs, pizza toppings, omelets and breads, stews and soups. They also work great for stir-frying with other vegetables.

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Dehydrated Cabbage

Use: Soups and Slaws, casseroles, and add to soups or stews. It can be easily used in salads & other preparations.

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Dehydrated Beetroot

Use: It can be easily used in salads & other preparations. Also use in crunchy, delicious, and versatile chips, Medicine use, seasoning, and many other mixtures.

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Dehydrated Basil Leaves

Use: Tea flavor , As medicine care, helps recover from problems like dysentery, nausea and stomach ache due to gas.

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Dehydrated Lemon

Use: You can even add dried lemon peel powder to your water to give it a nicely fresh lemony flavor & dried lemon peel to your salad dressing, smoothie, yogurt, dessert etc.

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Dehydrated Potato

Use: As a replacement for cornstarch or wheat flour, dehydrated potato flour, flakes and granules add volume to soups, stews, sauces, and broths. The starch in dehydrated potato products makes them perfect for use as a binding agent in meat, fish or vegetable patties, sausages and cakes.