Quality is the foremost concern of our company and the main key is unlocking the door of success for us. Out entire range including Dehydrated Onion, Dehydrated Garlic, Other Dehydrated Vegetables & Spices.

Quality being the most important factor in our company, we follow strict quality procedures in our operations. On the basis of quality, we have gained immense popularity in the market and have become the favorite of customers across the globe when it comes to buying Dehydrated Onion Flakes, Dehydrated Onion Powder, Dehydrated Garlic Flakes, Dehydrated Garlic Powder, etc. We are undoubtedly the best destination to trust when it comes to quality. Within a few years of our operations, we have attained a prominent position in the market. 

Our Focus Areas

Customer satisfaction and high-quality standards are the main focus areas of our firm which we make sure to attain through our smart and hard work. Following are some focus areas of our company considering which we are carrying our business operations:

  • We are focused on quality and never give a cold shoulder to the same under any circumstances.
  • We are focused to make our customers happy and develop a cordial bond with them.
  • Another focus area of our company is to maintain good terms with our vendors and stakeholders.

Our Mission

The company is working with the mission of delivering nothing less than the best to the customers within their investing money. Our firm has the support of diligent and qualified employees who hold expertise in their domains. We aim to maintain our leading reputation in the market by delivering the best products.

Process Flow Chart of Dehydrated Vegetables & Spices.

  • Empty The Bags Of Fresh Goods To Chlorine Water Pond.
  • Lifting The Fresh Goods For Dry Wash From Feeding Point.
  • Washing With Chlorine Water In Automatic Machine.
  • Slicing /Separating / Cutting Goods Cloves.
  • Spreading Separated Goods Cloves On The Dryer Belt.
  • Putting It In Dry.
  • Re Drying In The Bin Dry.
  • Separating In Ruler Machine For The Size.
  • Final Process To Remove Skin And Powder Material (Small Parts).
  • Shorting The Cloves / Flakes In Color Sortex Machine.
  • Passing It Trough Metal Magnet (Metal Detector).
  • To Produce Powder
    • We Use 30% Skin, 40% Powder Material, 30% Garlic Flakes.
    • All These Products Are Grinded Together Along With 2% Calcium
    • Silicate Or Silica Gel as anti cache agent.